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Welcome to MONEx


At the end of the day, business is about productivity. The machinery of business is about delivery of outcomes as efficiently as possible. Our commitment is to get you to that end goal. In our products, in our service, in our support systems, we enable your drive towards higher productivity. Technology offers a unique opportunity to realize that productivity edge. Properly considered, technology can allow you to see further, be better informed, to achieve more with less, be more resourceful, do things not previously possible...safely. Good technology enables greater productivity.


Our domain is the design and manufacture of better technology products that are safe for use in hazardous areas. Safety is absolutely maintained while delivering functionality. Lives depend on it. Our MONEx range of internationally certified products are design to operate in hazardous mine environments. Safety is never compromised in order to achieve functionality. The MONEx products do both - safety and high levels of functionality. The level of functionality embodied in the MONEx engine management system is extraordinary and sets a new benchmark in the underground diesel engine management systems.